PSKmail on puppy Linux

Puppy Linux is an excellent operating system to run PSKmail, both the client and the server.
It runs on fairly old hardware, and is much faster than UBUNTU or Windows

Puppy Linux Disc Downloads

puppy_pskmail-571.iso  (223 MB)    The basic system containing puppy 5.7.1 and the PSKmail client and server
hamapps_511-sfs4.sfs   ( 97 MB)     Additional ham applications, incl Xastir, zyGrib, gcmWin etc...
devx_precise_5.7.sfs      (147 MB)   
Additional files necessary for program development
Chromium                       ( 51 MB)     Chromium browser
Libre-office-3.5                (150 MB)    Libre-office 3.5.3
jpskmail_update              (3.5 MB)     Updates javapskmail.jar 30.10.2013 (V1 client + fldigi-3.21.77, .pet file)
pskmail_server-update   (2M)            Update to 2.1.n version

puppy 571

The hamapps addition contains all ham programs you need for your next dxpedition. Applications include:

The programs on the disc can be updated by downloading a new .pet file and installing it (one click in puppy...)

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