Installing PSKmail on            puppy


  1. Download the basic puppy CD image  puppy_pskmail-571.iso
  2. Burn it to a CD
  3. Put the CD into the CD drive of your computer
  4. Restart the computer
  5. At the puppy boot prompt enter 'puppy pfix=ram'
Puppy now starts in its basic form...

This basic installation already contains the PSKmail server and client.
To store changes and data, and to install the additional ham apps, you need a 'save file', an image on some
storage device (windows drive, linux partition, USB stick) to be able to save your configuration data,
logs, etc...  This is also necessary before you add .sfs files to your puppy.
In case you want to use puppy on a USB stick, you can use the whole stick
to put your .iso and the data. A 1 GB stick is normally sufficient...

  1. Reboot puppy (via the menu bottom left),  puppy asks where to put the 'save file'
  2. Choose a partition and follow the istructions to make a 512 MB Ext2 file
  3. When puppy is up again, download hamapps_511-sfs4.sfs  and copy it to the same partition as the save file
  4. Goto Menu->System->Boot manager to configure bootup, i.e. which .sfs files you want to add.
  5. Choose hamapps_511-sfs4.sfs (you can choose more than 1...)
  6. Reboot again (last time....)

At every successive boot, the .sfs files will now be merged with the basic puppy,
but it will not take your memory away until you run the apps...

Now some new icons may be there also, but they don't necessary look nice...
You will find prettier ones in the /root/my-applications/icons directory. E.g.:
  1. Right-click on the gcmwin icon
  2. Goto 'File 'gcmwin' and 'Set icon'
  3. Drag the gcmwin icon from /root/my-applications/icons to the widget
  4. Do the same with the other icons....

You now have a working puppy system....

How to start the PSKmail server or client...

You can find lots of information about how to handle puppy on:

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