jPSKmail-2.0.30 beta testing

New in jPSKmail-2.0.22:

Auto mail upload for sailors:

To send all mail from the outbox to the server, you can now automate the process, so that all files can be uploaded without
operator intervention. To do this:
  1. Use 'New mail' on the Email tab to write one or more new mails.
  2. Set 'Mode' to 'Mail/scanning' and make sure the server and the minute (in the above picture 9A1CRA and minute 0)
    are correct.

    Every 5 minutes the client will now check if there are files left in the Outbox.
    As soon as the active minute (here 1) is reached, the client will try to connect to the server and upload the mails.
    When the Outbox is empty, the client will disconnect again.

Mail Notification:

jPSKmail-2.0.18 introduced mail notification, which is making life a lot easier for single hand sailors.
If the client is linked to a server, the QSL message in reply to a position beacon now contains the mail
count, both of your internet mailbox and the local message store on the server.
The picture above shows the number of new mails (143) on the QTC button.
The Mbox menu is now active, and shows the message count as soon as there is a local message waiting at the server.

Changes are also notified in the terminal:

terminal screen

Send local mail via another server:

When you want to send local mail to somebody on a server you can not reach directly,
you can use another server to forward your mail to the destination. E.g. you want to
send local mail to PA0R@PI4TUE, but you can not work PI4TUE... then drop the mail off
at e.g. 9A1CRA.  If both 9A1CRA and PI4TUE have a working internet connection,
9A1CRA will send your message to a forwarding server on
Servers with version 2.0.2 and higher will look every 5 minutes if there is mail waiting
for them, and retrieve and store the mail. This way you could send mail for N2TIF@WB2LMV
via KB2PNM. When one of the stations has no internet connection the servers will
try to forward the message over the air. This works with 1 hop only, as the HF footprint
of the servers is enormous. All this is still experimental, so reports are welcome on the mailing list...
jPSKmail-2.0.22 is a self-contained program running on the java jvm.
The java modems (PSK, PSKxxxR, MFSK,THOR) were taken from the fantastic fldigi
program and translated from C++ to java by John, VK2ETA and Rein PA0R.
Measurements show that the modems are at least as good as the original ones, sometimes better.
The code is beta, and there are still some rough edges, especially regarding the timing of
the ARQ protocol. But if it is only tested @PA0R we will never finish it...
Pse send test results to the pskmail mailing list on