PSKmail Puppy Client 2.0.28

This CD combines a lot of tools in one simple .iso, which needs very little configuration effort.
Its main purpose is to offer a very simple way to start using the pskmail V2 client, but care has
been taken to include those programs which the average ham will need when he/she is mobile.


Next to the normal household programs you would expect on a CD like this, it contains a.o.:
Download at (266 MB)

Upgrade jPSKmail to 2.0.29 (rename to javapskmail.jar and drop into jpskmail directory)

Burn the image to a blank CD, and boot from it... you will need abt. 1 GB of RAM to load the CD.
To store your config data you must tell the CD where to put a save file (1GB is enough) when you
shut off for the first time. This can be on a USB stick, or in a file on your windows partition (defrag first).
By the next boot you will find all your config data are still there....
There is much info about puppy on the net, google is your friend, a good place to start is ...

This is a beta test version... used dayly by EA/PA0R/M...

Pse send bug reports to the pskmail mailing list

Happy testing!!

73, Rein EA/PA0R/M

Last update: February 7, 2013