Server ops: how to read your local mail on the server


PSKmail server 2.0.4 can now receive local mail from a form on the web site.
That comes in handy when a user wants to send you a local mail. But how do you read it?
One simple possibility is to dump the mbox mail file:
cat .pskmail/localmail/SERVERCALL

But there is a more sophisticated way. As the local mailbox files are in mbox format, any grown-up
mail reader can use this as a spool, and integrate the local mail into your regular mail.
The above is an example using the sylpheed mail client on PI4TUE.
To tell the mail client how to do that:

* set up a mail account using the SERVERCALL (here PI4TUE)
* in Configuration->Common preferences set the following:


That's all.... Every time you start the mail client it will move the local mail
to your mail account, and you can read it like normal mail...


Rein PA0R                                                     7.12.2012