PSKmail Experimental / Development versions

pskmail_server-2.1.c alpha testing  CW mode APRS

Installation procedure:
Running 2 instances of the server on 1 machine to provide a CW Igate


Testing with the websdr:

Put the sweet spot of the server on 1000 Hz. and the mode on CW.
I used a bandwidth of 100 Hz, and CW speed 20 wpm.

Message format for APRS position: VVV--CALL/POSITION/COMMENT/NR/ICON character
                                                            NR is the number of character starting with the call, incl. last slash.
                                                            Test string for APRS e.g.: VVV--SM0RWO/JO89XA/MOORED/21Y

Message format for short email: VVV--CALL/25/emailaddress/ISP/ISP/MESSAGE MESSAGE/NRNNNN

Test string for short email to send to NAME@PSKMAIL.ORG e.g.: CALL/25/NAME/PSKMAIL/ORG/ALL  OK ON BOARD/41NNNN

Confirmation from the server: CALL RR or CALL NN

The sdr receiver on 10147.0 will not send any answer :-)



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